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Welcome to the Future…

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Our office will be undergoing a major technological overhaul.  There will be new computers in every room, digital radiographs, intra-oral cameras, tablets, new dental practice management software, and much more.    We will become an almost paperless office.   We are nervous about the changes, but super excited, too.

Benefits to our patients include:

  • Less wait times
  • Shorter appointments
  • More comfortable procedure
  • Reduced exposure to radiation
  • More involvement in co-diagnosis and patient education
  • Better understanding of treatment plans
  • Instant insurance e-filing,
  • More timely and concise Statements
  • Easier Communication
  • Access to patient information for after hour emergencies


We are closing Monday July 28 for training and we plan for the new changes to be in effect then.  Wish us luck!



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