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Before and after pictures of root abrasion repaired with tooth colored bondings.

Here is another case to share with you. Mr. Z had several teeth wearing away at the gum-line.   This is a common problem in adults.   It is frequently caused by abrasion (like vigorous brushing). It is also caused by erosion (acids from foods) and even mal-occlusion.  Once the enamel surface is worn away, the underlying dentin is vulnerable to bacteria and acids. We need to remove that afflicted tooth structure before repairing the defect.   Finally the teeth can be restored with a restoration that we match to each tooth’s natural color.

In the pictures, you will see the teeth with the defects. Next you will see the teeth with the defects outlined in red. Then you will see the teeth with the carious structure removed.   Lastly you will see the teeth repaired.  1 1OL 4 5

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Before and After pictures of tooth decay being restored with a bonded tooth colored restoration.

I thought it would be interesting to post a picture show of what a cavity looks like before, during, and after being restored by yours truly. The decay or “caries” is circled in red on the tooth. This is what it looked like when we detected it at a cleaning appointment. Then I took a picture of what the decay looks like once the enamel is un-roofed. You can see how black and weak it is inside. Next is what it looks like once the caries is excavated. Finally the last pictures are of the tooth as it is repaired…X06032_2 X06032_1bX06032_3 X06032_6

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