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Hosting the Canterbury School kindergarten class for Career Day!

I had the pleasure of hosting the Canterbury School kindergarten class for Career Day at my dental practice today. The kids were great! I think we had 13 students. We talked about all the things a dentist does as well as a little orientation on oral health. They even helped me check 2 prophy patients. Here in the picture they are helping put a filling in a (plastic) tooth.


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Before and After Pictures with Porcelain Crowns

Here is a case I recently completed. Mrs. Fabuloso has been struggling with her brittle teeth for years. Concerned with the health and esthetics of her deteriorating dentition, she elected to have them renewed with pure porcelain crowns. Included are some before and after pictures.


Before:X05203_6 X05203_3 X05203_2





After:X05203_8 X05203_1

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