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A Toothbrush, a Mascot, and a Mother’s Love

Sparkly is the main character in an interactive game that encourages good tooth brushing habits designed by Philips Sonicare for Kids.    For over 3 years, every time my girls brush their teeth, they fire up an ipad and launch the Philips Sonicare app for kids.  The adorable interactive mascot “Sparkly” coaches the kids through a 2 minute brushing lesson.  The reward for brushing well is a new prize that lets you interact with Sparkly.  He is essentially an interactive pet.    Marissa and Chloe have gotten attached to the little guy and quite a while ago they came to their mother, Colette and me and asked if we could buy them a toy Sparkly.   We searched and searched but there was no such thing.   Periodically they’d ask us to check again but he only lived in the screen.   There was no such toy.    Colette saw the disappointment in their little eyes and decided to embark on the impossible.   Not having any experience in such things, she designed and learned how to make Sparkly from nothing more than swatches of fabrics and stuffing.    They were completed yesterday.   The result is unbelievable.   A mother’s love can truly conquer all.



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