Before and After pictures of tooth decay being restored with a bonded tooth colored restoration.

June 8, 2015

I thought it would be interesting to post a picture show of what a cavity looks like before, during, and after being restored by yours truly. The decay or “caries” is circled in red on the tooth. This is what it looked like when we detected it at a cleaning appointment. Then I took a picture of what the decay looks like once the enamel is un-roofed. You can see how black and weak it is inside. Next is what it looks like once the caries is excavated. Finally the last pictures are of the tooth as it is repaired…X06032_2 X06032_1bX06032_3 X06032_6

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  • 1. Syza  |  December 28, 2015 at 4:23 am

    I think that sealant parrogms are great. Especially because they target the under served population, however, what about the children who already have cavities. The ones that get a school exam and then are sent home with a piece of paper telling the parent that their child has decay and they are now supposed to find a dentist to take their child to to have those cavities filled or worse that their child has an abscess and needs urgent dental care. In the town I live in there are no dentists that accept Medicaid patients. Children in low income households often have cavities that go untreated because the parent cannot afford the gas money or time off work to take their child to a dentist to be treated. It would be nice if these school sealant parrogms did more than just preventative work. Here in Rochelle we have been fortunate to find a dentist that does mobile dentistry. He does preventative as well as restorative work in our schools. Our goal is to have our school district cavity free. I only wish more dentists in Illinois would help do this. It is sad that dental disease is 5x more prevalent than asthma especially when we have sealant parrogms. But if we don’t treat the disease that exists we are only running in circles!


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