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WOW, Technology!!! I just love our new curing lights.

Just..WOW!!!  I just love our new curing lights!! I just updated our curing lights to the latest and greatest. Our previous ones were still in great shape and not that old.  But when I read about the performance of these, I didn’t hesitate.

These new curing lights use a super bright LED bulb behind a fiber-optic bundle.   They are powered by lithium-ion batteries and deliver a blast of blue-light energy that is unbelievable when you consider its coming from a CORDLESS LED SOURCE!!!! They are a technological marvel and I updated all of the operatories with them.

These little wonders help me to cure materials in a fraction of the time it used to take.  Besides saving time, they help make the restorations better and stronger.  Shorter curing times allow for less risk of saliva contamination; something that can be catastrophic to a bonding material.  I can also spend more time building thinner layers of material so the restoration isn’t as prone to polymerization shrinkage.   Unfortunately, all the light curable materials contract or shrink when they are cured with those special blue lights.  Polymerization shrinkage is bad because it can result in internal stresses to the tooth, weak or leaky margins, and poor contacts between t teeth.  Dental manufacturers are working on eliminating polymerization shrinkage from materials and every new product boasts less and less.  But it is still something that dental professionals must cope with.

So when we restore teeth with bondings, we build them up incrementally to minimize contracture.   Thus, with these new “lights”, I can spend more time on building more layers that are thinner; almost completely negating any polymerization shrinkage!!!!

And for any techno-geeks that might be reading this, the fiber optic bundle on these new lights is uncoated and raw.  When it is activated, there is zero transmittance out the sides of the bundle and yet all the energy blasts out the tip.  It’s almost surreal.

David Slyby D.D.S.

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