New Technology: SonicFill 2

February 9, 2017

We have incorporated a new technology in our office!

With the departure of amalgams as the standard for filings, bonded, tooth-colored fillings have been improving rapidly.   Like most dental offices, we have moved away from metal fillings and have been using bonded tooth-colored composite restorations.


One of the drawbacks of the bonded materials is that they must be layered while placing them.   The layering consists of varying materials, viscosity and thickness.   The layering not only leaves risk for voids, it increases the chance for contamination resulting in an impure bond.   If a layer is too thick, that can lead to marginal leakage, uncured material, or internal stresses within the tooth.


I wanted a more homogeneous, cohesive way to place restorations.

I have been closely watching the development of a new technology.   Dental journals have also taken note.  It is being tested against the best conventional materials and it consistently is rated among the very highest.

The SonicFill uses a specialized, unique hand-piece.   Proprietary capsules of the special resin are inserted onto the hand-piece.  The hand-piece is activated and expresses the material while “charging” it with ultrasonic wavelengths.  This causes the material’s viscosity to change and flow into the tooth preparation in one continuous, uniform fill.  Once the hand-piece is removed, the material hardens to a lower viscosity once again.   It is then cured with a curing like all other resins.

The end result is a superior restoration that ranks as one of the most highly rated materials in Strength. Flexural Modulus, Shrinkage Stress, Gloss Retention, and Depth of Cure.   The results are outstanding.

It’s an amazing time to be a dentist.

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