Whitening a Child’s Dark Teeth: Whitening Pens

September 10, 2018

A common question I get asked is, “How can I whiten my child’s teeth.”  Often times children’s anterior permanent teeth erupt darker than normal.  Certain food habits can also influence this.  Parents are concerned enough but when the child goes to school and peers start asking questions like “why are your teeth so dark,” now the child is motivated too.   We shouldn’t use the fixed whitening trays in a growing child and subjecting them to vigorous in-office whitening is a more than they can handle and not recommended.  Moreover, children can’t manage the whitening strips or adaptable trays because of the high salivary flow and the sloppy fit.  But there is another option.  Whitening pens are an easy, fast, comfortable, and inexpensive way to whiten a child’s teeth.   Some kits even come with a universal mouth prop to keep the lips away and the teeth dry.   These kits can be ordered through your favorite dental office and just like all whitening systems, a professional teeth cleaning should be administered before starting the whitening.  In my research, not all whitening pens are the same material. I recommend ibrite* as it has the ingredients and concentration that I think work best.  It also includes the mouth prop.

Pen whitening was used to significantly whiten my daughter’s dark teeth.  Now she has a beautiful white smile just like her sister.

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