Your safety and the Coronavirus.

March 12, 2020

For your peace of mind, I’d like to explain some of the things we are doing to combat the Covid-19 virus. I have been closely monitoring this outbreak since mid-January. Shortly after I realized the virulence of the novel coronavirus, I began devising a plan to eliminate risk factors in our office.

When you come into the office, some enhancements will be obvious to you but the great majority of improvements you will not see. I’d like to describe the steps we are taking to keep you and our staff safe.

We are prepared to screen patients regarding recent travel and other relevant aspects as needs arise.

Our staff has canceled their previously scheduled travel plans.

In the past, our infection control benchmarks have easily met OSHA requirements and the accepted standard of care. Now, we are going far beyond.

We have reevaluated our chairside contamination control. We have removed everything from counter-tops and shelves that can become contaminated and not easily disinfected. This includes parting with some things that frankly makes our lives easier but unfortunately adds more opportunity for contamination. The less there is to disinfect, the better job we can do with smooth surface decontamination and disinfection.

To improve on the unique challenges restorative dentistry provides, two assistants will now be assisting for most procedures. One will perform normal chairside duties while the other will bring needed instruments and clinical supplies from the sterilization area, all to eliminate the risk of cross contamination from airborne particulates.

We are only using level 3 and higher masks. Eye protection will be utilized by the staff and is available for the patients as needed or requested.

I have gone so far as to purchase black lights and luminol. When beneficial, we are able to turn off the lights in any room and we will fluoresce surfaces to help insure that we are decontaminating thoroughly.

Yesterday and today specialists installed dual decontamination ultraviolet filters into our air-conditioning and heating systems. These units will now kill viruses and all categories of bioaerosols that are circulating through our systems. We can immediately provide as pure of air as possible in the office.

Additionally, we may also be adjusting our humidity in the building. Research has shown humidity and lack-there-of can greatly affect the transmissibility of a virus.
In addition to what is listed here, there are other methods we are incorporating to prevent contamination. Please know we are leaving no stone unturned in providing a safe environment for our patients and staff. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Truly Yours,

Dr. David Slyby

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