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We are constantly updating our equipment to offer you the latest in technology. We are also constantly participating in continuing education programs to be assured we are offering the best and most affordable treatment available. For more information regarding any of our products or services, please give us a call. We look forward to you visiting us soon and also want to let you know that we always welcome new patients.

What We


Pain Free Computer Assisted Numbing

Our practice has added a new and better alternative in anesthetic injections. These new anesthetic delivery systems are controlled by computers. The computer controls and pulses the anesthetic to the patient so that he or she feels no pain. We simply program the computer to tell it what type of numbing we want to do, and it will gently put the tooth to sleep. That's don't have to fear getting numb anymore!


Digital Impressions

No more uncomfortable, messy impressions.

Most cases can be done without the tenderness of the strings wrapped around the tooth for gingival retraction.

Less anesthesia and pain free.

High-tech accuracy.

Natural, metal free tooth-colored crowns.

Preserves more healthy tooth material.

Shorter appointments.

Extremely precise for long-lasting, more predictable outcomes.

Single-day convenience if desired.


Bleaching Systems

There are three types of tooth bleaching or whitening. We offer all three.

In-Office One Hour Bleaching – remarkable results in a one hour appointment.

Take home Bleaching  - This is what we consider the best way to bleach your teeth. The take home kits may take significantly longer to whiten your teeth, however, the potential is greater than any one hour treatment. And you can gauge the results yourself.

Internal Bleaching – This is an easy, inexpensive, and non-invasive way to whiten a single dark tooth that has darkened after a root canal.


All Ceramic Crowns & Inlays

Advancements in porcelain technology now allow us to use restorations that contain no metal whatsoever. Pure ceramic crowns and inlays allow for un-compromised esthetics. They look so much better than conventional white-over-metal because they allow light to traverse the restoration just like pure enamel. Thus, we can control opacity & translucency as well as shading. And you will never have the black gums at the base of the tooth, which is where the metal either extends past the porcelain margin or the porcelain gets too thin. So when cosmetics are paramount, we can use these.


Advanced Technology Implants

If you are missing a permanent tooth or need one extracted, ask Dr. Slyby if a tooth implant can be an option for you. The implant allows for a replacement tooth without involving any adjoining teeth. Dr. Slyby has been involved in a year long peer practicum and symposium on dental implantology, and is working with a network of recognized experts on the latest technology of implants. He has been studying closely with a team of lab technicians and oral surgeons to make this a beneficial procedure.


Pain Free Computer Assisted Root Canals

We believe, advancements in this area were long overdue. With the latest technology, a computer assists the practitioner so that instrumentation of the tooth is gentle and brisk. Now that people are keeping their teeth much later in life , it is crucial that we do everything in our power to ensure the best treatment is rendered. So root canals are now more predictable and successful than ever.



Invisalign clear aligners have many advantages over conventional brackets and wires. If you want an improved smile, please don’t hesitate to ask us about the benefits of this great technology.


Digital Radiography and DEXshield

We have converted to the latest digital radiography equipment. With digital radiography, there is a fifty percent (50%) lower dosage than conventional speed film. We also have invested in Dexshield. Dexshield allows ANOTHER 30 PERCENT REDUCTION in radiation. Anytime we can offer a healthier & safer alternative, we are for it!

"DEXshield is a unique dental X-ray position indicating device and a patented patient protective shield. When used during the dental radiologic procedure, it aligns the X-ray beam with the examination site and provides an attenuating barrier to protect the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure. Patients will appreciate 30% less radiation* with DEXshield"


Tooth Prints

This is new device for Safeguarding Children that provides critical information such as an immediate Dental Record, DNA sample as well as a saliva scent for tracking dogs.


Invisible Partial Dentures

The most recent advance in dental materials has been the application of nylon-like materials to the fabrication of dental appliances. This material (the most common name brand is ValPlast) generally replaces the metal, and the pink acrylic denture material used to build the framework for standard removable partial dentures. ValPlast is nearly unbreakable, is colored pink like the gums, can be built quite thin, and can form not only the denture base, but the clasps as well. Since the clasps are built to curl around the necks of the teeth, they are practically indistinguishable from the gums that normally surround the teeth.

Even though this denture does not rest on the natural teeth like the metal framework variety, the clasps rest on the gums surrounding the natural teeth. This tissue, unlike the gums over extraction sites, is stable and does not tend to change over time which keeps these RPD's stable and unchanging similar to the cast metal variety. This type of partial denture is extremely stable and retentive, and the elasticity of the flexible plastic clasps keeps them that way indefinitely.

Dental Implants


We now offer Care Credit. Care Credit is a convenient monthly payment option. Care Credit is a healthcare credit card specifically designed to pay for treatment not covered by insurance. Care Credit provides No Interest transactions if paid in full by the promotional period (6 or 12 months depending on which plan you select).

Care Credit

Thank you for taking the time to see me during your busy week. Your generosity could not have come at a better time. What a blessing! Thank you for making my life a little easier. 

Allison Y.

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